CSA, The New Safety Measurement Frontier

More than ever, motor carriers need a set of tools that enable simplified monitoring, reporting and management.

Have You Received A CSA Warning Letter?

A Warning Letter from the FMCSA indicates a deficiency in one or more BASIC's.

As one of the new intervention tools, carriers need to know the implications. Read more on CSA 2010 Warning Letters here.

CSA 2010 represents a fundamental shift

To improve safety performance, the FMCSA developed CSA 2010 to focus compliance, enforcement and remediation efforts on unsafe behaviors associated with crash and accident risk.

traction™ enables motor carriers to integrate and interpret driver behavior data to identify and pro-actively manage risk.

Former FMCSA Administrator John Hill

View his important message on CSA, the importance of driver behavior and traction™.

Comprehensive Driver Safety Management

Click here to learn more about NECS' leading approach to driver safety.

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