Compliance Safety Accountability (formerly CSA 2010)

CSA 2010 is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) initiative to improve safety and reduce commercial motor vehicle (CMV)-related crashes, injuries and fatalities. CSA 2010 introduces a new enforcement and compliance model utilizing information obtained from roadside inspections.

Efforts to reduce the rate of commercial vehicle crashes have significantly improved road safety resulting in fewer injuries and fatalities. However, the rate of crash reduction slowed over the past two decades.

Therefore the FMCSA began exploring ways to improve its safety monitoring, evaluation, and intervention processes. CSA 2010 is the result of this comprehensive examination.

>> Click here to view the CSA 2010 Operational Model

Access Your CSA 2010 Scores

Motor carriers can access CSA 2010 scores directly through the FMCSA by clicking here. Individual drivers can access personal roadside inspection results by ordering a PSP. For information on the PSP, click here.

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