Expanded Intervention Capabilities

CSA 2010 was designed to provide a more effective measurement system for motor carriers. Not surprisingly, CSA 2010 includes a more effective model for enforcement via an expanded suite of intervention tools.

Historically, FMCSA interventions were limited to roughly 2% of motor carriers annually. Moving forward, the FMCSA will communicate with and engage significantly more carriers using a variety of intervention options including;

> Early Contact
> Investigation
> Investigation Follow-Ons

Carriers with deficient scores will begin receiving monthly warning letters. This early communication affords motor carriers the opportunity to review data, investigate internal weaknesses and/or risks and focus management efforts toward improvement.

Additionally, the FMCSA can use a variety of investigations and follow-ons on a discretionary basis to effect sub-standard motor carriers.

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CSA 2010 represents a fundamental shift

To improve safety performance, the FMCSA developed CSA 2010 to focus compliance, enforcement and remediation efforts on unsafe behaviors associated with crash and accident risk.

traction™ enables motor carriers to integrate and interpret driver behavior data to identify and pro-actively manage risk.

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