CSA 2010 FAQ

1. How Do I Get My CSA 2010 Score?

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2. Can Drivers Lose Their CDL For High CSA 2010 Points?

No, CSA 2010 does not impact the legal requirements for holding/maintaining a CDL. However, companies may place requirements on CSA 2010 points as a standard for employment.  This will vary by company.

3. What Vehicles Are Covered By CSA 2010?

Regardless of your business, any vehicle driven interstate over 10,001 lbs is a commercial motor vehicle and will be monitored by CSA 2010.

4. Will Drivers With Safety Deficiencies Get Warning Letters?

No, at this point in time, drivers will not be receiving a warning letter.

5. Why does FMCSA’s new CSA 2010 program emphasize driver safety enforcement?

Studies have shown that unsafe driver behavior, both on the part of CMV drivers and other drivers, is a major contributor to commercial motor vehicle-related crashes. Some studies indicate that a small segment of the CMV driver population is involved in a disproportionately large number of crashes.

6. Do individual CMV drivers get an individual driver safety rating under CSA 2010?

No. Under the new program, as it is currently constructed, FMCSA will not rate or determine the safety fitness of individual CMV drivers beyond what is currently defined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. This does not preclude FMCSA from developing a driver rating or safety fitness determination process at some time in the future.

7. How long do I have to get into compliance?

There is no grace period for achieving compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. However, carriers should know that their safety performance in SMS will be based upon the previous 24 months of on-road performance and crash data when CSA 2010 is implemented.

8. Do tickets or warnings that drivers receive while operating their personal vehicles impact the new Safety Measurement System (SMS)?

No. Tickets or warnings that drivers receive while operating their personal vehicles are State citations and do not count in the new measurement system.

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