There are several ways to access your CSA 2010 scores.

Motor Carriers -

Option 1: Access Your Scores Manually

If you have your DOT# and PIN, click here and login.


If you do not have your DOT# and PIN, you will need to request one by following these instructions:

1. Visit
2. Click here to request your Docket Number PIN and/or USDOT Number PIN. Be sure to request a U.S. DOT Number PIN, NOT a Docket Number PIN.

3. Call 1-800-832-5660 for additional assistance.

Option 2: Use traction™ to view CSA Scores and Much More!

traction™ provides CSA 2010 scores, root cause analysis, management tools, reporting and customizable notifications. Click here for a preview.

Individual Drivers -

1. If you are not the registered contact for a DOT#, you will need to order a PSP through the FMCSA which will provide drivers with 5 years of crash and 3 years of roadside inspection data. The cost to run this report is $10. Please visit the following link:

The company behind traction