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Tentative Webinar Agenda:

> CSA 2010 overview
> Differences in CSA & SafeStat
> CSA 2010 scoring methodology
> Accessing CSA 2010 scores
> FMCSA intervention process
> Q&A session

CSA 2010 Represents A Fundamental Shift In Safety Measurement

To improve safety performance, the FMCSA developed CSA 2010 to focus compliance, enforcement and remediation efforts on unsafe behaviors associated with crash and accident risk.

traction™ enables motor carriers to integrate and interpret driver behavior data to identify and pro-actively manage risk.

CSA 2010 Launches December 2010

Beginning in December, CSA 2010 will replace SafeStat as the measurement system for motor carriers.

In anticipation of the CSA 2010 rollout, motor carriers can access scores via the data preview.

>> Access Your CSA 2010 Score
>> traction™ CSA 2010 Reporting
CSA 2010

Received A CSA 2010 Warning Letter?

A Warning Letter from the FMCSA indicates a deficiency in one or more BASIC's. Read more about how to respond to a CSA 2010 Warning Letter here.

CSA 2010 was designed to communicate safety performance issues in a more meaningful way and to a greater number of motor carriers.

>> More on CSA 2010 Interventions
CSA 2010

CSA 2010 Reporting

traction™ provides motor carriers the ability to track and monitor CSA 2010 scores with interactive charts, graphs and reports.


Track trends, investigate high frequency violations, identify high-risk drivers and more.


> View by DOT# or by company

> Merge MVR results with CSA 2010

> Customized email alerts


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Motor Vehicle Reports

Eliminate the hassle of ordering and reviewing each MVR. traction™ provides for automated MVR ordering.

Further, traction™ features customized MVR adjudication to minimize time spent reviewing clean driving records.

> Robust interactive reporting

> High-risk driver identification

> Customized email alerts

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Driver Training

traction™ training allows companies to track training assignments, progress and results. Ideal for tracking weekly safety meetings, safety policy documentation and online safety curriculum.


Designed to work with multiple training providers, traction™ features an integrated online library of 125+ courses plus leading behavioral assessments.


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DQ File Management

NECS' proprietary driver qualification file system, DPMS® is the perfect complement to traction™.


Fully integrated, DPMS® and traction™maximize compliance, monitor and manage driver performance and ultimately reduce the risk of an FMCSA intervention.


Uniquely customizable to meet organizational needs and challenges.


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